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I am a Denplan patient and would like to express my satisfaction with all the dental treatment that I have undergone. The dentist is extremely professional and always does an amazing job. I would thoroughly recommend Denplan to everyone. I would also like to state that the courtesy and consideration given to me by the reception staff has always been second to none.
Mary McGarry
There are many things in life which are essential and one is having a good dentist. In Randalstown Dental Clinic they have VERY GOOD staff right from receptionists at the desk to the dentists and dental nurses who are extremely helpful and very friendly. Being covered by Denplan can give you peace of mind knowing that you will be seen immediately if there is an emergency. Dental treatment can be expensive and Denplan covers all the necessary treatment required. The staff at Randalstown Dental Clinic give you excellent service and attention. Glenn and Anne make my visits to the dentist ALMOST enjoyable!
We have been with Denplan since Nov 06 with Glenn Robb being our Dentist, we have found the service to be excellent with flexible appointments and ever helpful reception staff. Jenny the hygienist is very accommodating also.
Mairead McAuley and Desmond McAuley
I am currently a member of Denplan. I have been exceptionally impressed by the prompt and efficient friendly service I have received from all the staff. Glenn is a very skilled, talented dentist and manages to make even the most extreme procedures seem relatively painless. I would highly recommend this practice and the Denplan service.
Collette Sweeny
A smile does much more than beautify us. It softly and confidently connects us with others; breaking down barriers and differences. So, I value mine. In 1977 age sixteen I attended Randalstown Dental Clinic for the first time. A child of the sixties I came to that first appointment with overttooth decay and a history of extraction only treatment. Too embarrassed to smile and painfully ashamed of the condition of my teeth, I thought it was too late to redeem either a smile or the confidence to communicate with others. Forty years later it is testimony to the ongoning care and professional competence of Randalstown Dental Clinic that I have retained most of my own teeth (what’s a crown or two?) and have been able to maintain a consistent and effective dental hygiene programme which has also kept my gums healthy and strong. Without this I would not have been able to engage in my chosen profession of teaching and counselling, both of which require that welcoming smile. During the intervening years my husband and our three daughters subsequently registered with, and have benefited form, the excellent programme of care available at Randalstown Dental Clinic. Each attending a “fear free” twice, yearly check-ups which provided teeth cleaning, stain removal, gum health and referral access to orthodontics as required. Their current dental health and radiant smiles bear witness to the level of professional accountability, they have experienced. As a family we are truly grateful for the personal, sensitive and effective treatment we have received, starting at Reception we are thankful for friendly voices on the telephone, text reminder of appointments – the availability of appointments, including emergency pain relief and whole family accommodation. We would not hesitate to recommend Randalstown Dental Clinic to anyone. It provides an excellent level of care you can trust and it does so with a smile.
Eileen Cardwell
Two years ago when attending for my regular six month checkup I mentioned to Nicola that my seven year old granddaughter, had asked me why the top of my front teeth was black? (As an eleven year old I had broken my front teeth playing netball and had had crowns ever since.) Nicola advised me that as I had been a Denplan member for many years, she could do something for me. After almost a year of dental work, xrays much encouragement along the way, teeth whitening, straightening and new crowns, I am delighted that I can now smile confidently and my grand daughter has been so complementary. Although Denplan contributed to these treatments, I did pay extra as the work progressed, however, the end results speak for themselves.
Elizabeth Qua
I’ve been attending Randalstown Dental Clinic for 30+ years. After an accident I had some years ago I needed a considerable amount of work done, I can not emphasize enough the care and attention I received from both, front of house staff (Joanne+co) and (Aisling Tohill) my dentist. It is no longer a daunting experience attending the dentist, thanks to their work cheers.
Stanley Hutchison
I am very glad I decided to go ahead with a course of crowns and implaints carried out by Nicola. Her advice has always been balanced and well considered. The results have been excellent and I have the confidence to smile knowing my teeth are just as I had always wanted.
Catherine Kenny
I had a slight pain in my left jaw which gradually worsened. It got to the point where it was uncomfortable to open my mouth or chew and there was a constant pain in my lower jaw. I went to a chiropractor to seek assistance with the pain however after two appointments the pain was not getting any better, and was told it was all due to posture. After a couple of months I made an appointment to see my dentist to find out if she could help. Aisling explained that due to grinding whilst sleeping this was causing my pain and discomfort. She suggested I try something to see if the pain reduced and following on from this should would advise on treatment. She made me a jig to wear in bed that night and the results were great, the pain had reduced and that was only in one night. I went back for another appointment to seek treatment and after discussion my dentist advised on a splint that I could wear on my bottom teeth at night. Once the final adjustments were made the results were amazing. The pain in my jaw went, I had also suffered terrible headaches which also greatly improved greatly, and the strange thing was that pain I had suffered in my lower back and right leg also improved. My night’s sleep now is restful and I feel totally relaxed at night, the tossing and turning has stopped and the jaw pain has now gone completely. Thank you Aisling.
Fiona McCoy