We treat all kinds of problems, from crowded, misshapen or discoloured teeth, to loose or missing teeth.

Teeth with gaps

If you have gappy teeth, braces might be an option to move the teeth together or veneers may be an alternative without using braces. If the gaps are relatively small the gaps can be closed with composite.

alt text Before treatment
alt text After treatment

Small teeth

Small teeth can be made larger by composite or porcelain veneers.

alt text This patient liked the space between her front two teeth but wanted a greater fullness to her smile. Her teeth were small and short with small hypoplastic marks on the surface
alt text After whitening with the professional whitening treatment we improved the proportions of her teeth and made them slight longer and ‘fuller’with composite. The composite disguised the hypoplastic marks also.
alt text The patient did not like her small lateral incisors and the black spaces this resulted in her smile
alt text We whitened her teeth and used composite to make the lateral incisors the average size

Black line

When there is recession at the neck of a crown, then an unsightly “black line” can become visible. This can occur more commonly when crowns are bulky and difficult to clean. This can be addressed by new crowns that are an improved fit and colour at the neck of the tooth.

alt text The upper teeth had old crowns that had recession of the gums
alt text The old crowns were replaced with new crowns
alt text The upper teeth had had old crowns with recession of the gums and the natural teeth had yellowed
alt text The natural teeth were whitened with a professional whitening treatment and the old crowns were replaced
I mentioned to my dentist that my seven year old grand daughter had asked me why the top of my front teeth were black (As an eleven year old I had broken my front teeth playing netball and had crowns ever since). After almost a year of dental work, x-rays, much encouragement along the way, teeth whitening and new crowns, I am delighted that I can now smile confidently and my grand daughter has been so complimentary. Although Denplan contributed to these treatments, I did pay extra as the work progressed and the end results speak for itself!
Elizabeth, Randalstown

Missing teeth

Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants, bridges or dentures.

alt text This elderly patient had missing lower teeth. He had a removable denture he disliked for the front four lower teeth and wanted an alternative.
alt text Considering he didn’t have the budget for implants and wasn’t concerned about the missing back teeth, a fixed bridge was made replacing the four lower front incisors.
alt text Missing premolar tooth and unsightly crown margin on the tooth behind the space
alt text This space from losing this premolar tooth was restored by bridging the space using the tooth behind. The dark root was covered by the new bridge

Failing teeth and loose dentures

Sometimes teeth are failing, and the teeth are at such a stage that the only solution is to replace them. They can be replaced with dentures or dental implants.

If you have some of your own natural teeth and they are healthy, the missing teeth can be replaced with a removable chromium based plate (metal based). The advantage of these dentures are that they are lighter and thinner, do not cover as much of the roof of mouth in the case of upper missing teeth and are often more secure as they are made to fit neatly and precisely around the natural teeth compared to the acrylic dentures (all pink).

I had a denture that was loose and kept breaking. I became very self conscious and it was very inconvenient having to get it repaired. My dentist advised me straight away that I’d be best crowning a couple of poorly shaped natural upper teeth and then make a denture to fit neatly around these. It was the best thing I ever spent money on. It feels so secure. I don’t even feel it in my mouth!
Sammy Smith, Randalstown


Simple staining can be polished by our dental hygienist and the “air abrasion stain removal” can remove stubborn staining.

alt text Stains from tea/coffee on two central incisors
alt text Moments later after cleaning the air abrasion

Fractured teeth

Small fractures can be repaired by composite bonding, whereas large fractures may need a veneer or crown to repair them.

Black fillings

alt text Silver fillings are shining through the upper and lower right side teeth
alt text After whitening with the professional whitening treatment, we replaced the fillings in the upper right side teeth with white filings and crowned the lower right side teeth. Composite was used to close the ‘black triangle’between the two upper centrals

Asymmetric gum heights

alt text This lady has central incisors of differing lengths and correspondingly the gum heights are different in the two front teeth
alt text There are fracture lines in the porcelain of the front two crowns and an unsightly dark line on her front right lateral incisor
alt text A gum graft was placed on the left long central incisor (carried out by Tom Cassidy at Cassidy Dental)
alt text After a period wearing provisional crowns when the gum was healing, the permanent crowns were placed on three of her front teeth
I fell and broke my front teeth as a teenager and have required crowns since then. After my consultation we decided the re-crown these teeth as well as a little gum surgery. Throughout the whole process my dentist was informative and extremely thorough and was only satisfied when she felt the work was perfect. I can honestly say I am delighted with the end result. I’m not embarrassed to smile now!
Ruthette Donaldson

Discoloured teeth

Teeth can be discolour and yellow with age, old fillings can become stained or traumatised teeth can significantly discolour as the nerve dies.

alt text This central incisor has darkened from trauma experienced a few years ago. The tooth died and required a root canal treatment
alt text The tooth was lightened using a technique called ‘non-vital tooth bleaching’and a subsequent crown was placed to ensure overall longevity
alt text The young woman has a hypoplastic mark on her central incisor. This can happen if trauma was suffered in the preceding baby incisor resulting in this irregularity in the enamel
alt text The teeth were whitened using our professional whitening treatment carried out over a 2-4 week period at home. The hypoplastic mark was removed and replaced with composite matching the new whiter shade of the tooth
alt text Before
alt text The patient had stained old composite fillings, hypoplastic marks and slightly worn, uneven incisal edges
alt text The old stained composites were replaced with better matching and well polished composites.
alt text The hypoplastic marks were removed and restored with composite and the worn edges were evened out with composite also.

Chipping / worn teeth

alt text Chipping and slight wear of the front 4 teeth due to mainly grinding during sleep
alt text Composite was added to the front 6 teeth and a guard made to fit over the teeth and worn at night
alt text This patients’ teeth were yellowed and the front 6 teeth were worn short and flat
alt text The teeth were whitened using the professional whitening treatment and then composite was matched and added to restore the teeth to the proper length and shape. The patient wears a guard at night to protect the teeth from further grinding
alt text Worn sharp lower teeth due to a heavy bite, dietary acid and grinding
alt text Building up the lower teeth in the middle of treatment. This picture illustrates the amount of tooth substance lost over the years by highlighting the height difference in the teeth on the right and left of the midline
alt text The lower incisors after being restored to the correct size and shape. The result for the patient is that he now has an improved bite and chewing ability as well as improved aesthetics
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