We always welcome new patients

Many of the new patients we have visit our practice following recommendations from our existing patients. Thank you to all our current customers!

All patients are greeted at reception by Joanne and the team and we make sure new patients are made especially welcome as we are prepared and aware in advance that they are visiting one of the dentists for the first time.

The reception team will request that you come 5-10 minutes before your actual appointment with the dentist. This is so that we can get a smile questionnaire and medical history form filled in. These are useful for the dentist to look at before you enter the surgery so the team in the surgery has a little more information.

alt text Modern reception with a warm welcome.
alt text Large carpark conveniently next to the medical practice and pharmacy.

We like to have half an hour at least for a new patient consultation. We want to know your concerns, desires and expectations so we can provide the best possible service and overall experience for you.

The dentist will explain treatment options. For more complex cases, the dentist may need this initial appointment to gather information. This could be in the form of taking some photographs, moulds of your teeth, simple special tests on to assess the overall health of a tooth/teeth and radiographs. A second appointment may be organised so the dentist can discuss options with you at greater length having studied the information in your absence.

We firmly believe that you need to be involved in all stages of the planning if you require a more complex smile makeover.

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If you have only a few simple needs and you want us to care for your entire family then the process of joining our practice is easy!

You can decide what kind of patient you want to become at the practice. In other words whether you’d like to be a pay as you go patient (see fee section) or whether you’d like to benefit from being a member of one of our plans (see Denplan section).

We offer some limited NHS treatment. Please ring the practice for more information.

We look forward to meeting you.