A lasting relationship

We have been building a lasting relationship with our patients through communicating on a human level, learning about our patients, listening to our patients, staying in regular contact and building that vital trust.

What can our patients expect from us?

  • Caring, comfortable high quality dental care
  • A commitment to keep any discomfort to an absolute minimum!
  • Dentists highly trained and committed to the most modern dental techniques based on evidence based dentistry
  • Prompt appointments when in dental pain
  • Experienced, friendly, highly trained support staff
  • Text reminders of appointments
  • Practice closures limited to only public and statutory holidays (10 days a year)
  • Emergency cover at Dalriada Ballymena if dental emergency at weekend (all dentists at our practice do out of hours cover at Dalriada, allowing our patients to use this service if required)
  • Facebook updates and blog posts on our website to keep our patients educated and engaged in all things dental!
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In 1977, age 16 I attended Randalstown Dental Clinic for the first time. Forty years later it is a testimony to the ongoing care and professional competence of Randalstown Dental Clinic that I have retained most of my own teeth (what’s a crown or two?) As a family we are truly grateful for the personal, sensitive and effective treatment we have received. It starts at reception with friendly voices on the phone, text reminder of appointments, the availability of appointments including emergency pain relief and whole family accommodation.
Eileen Cardwell

We are upfront about our costs and patients always receive an estimate prior to commencing any course treatment.

I am very glad I decided to go ahead with a course of crowns and implants carried out by Nicola. Her advise has always been balanced and well considered. The treatment options were explained in detail and the different costs associated with the two options outlined clearly. The results have been excellent and I have the confidence to smile knowing my teeth are just as I always wanted.
Catherine Kenny

What do we check for in every check up?

  • We will check for any problems with your mouth
  • We will check for tooth decay
  • We will check your oral hygiene
  • We will check your soft tissues for oral cancer
  • We will check your jaw joints for abnormalities
  • We will check your toothwear and occlusal harmony
  • We will check your glands
  • We will check your existing restorations for defects
  • Radiographs will be taken as necessary
I have been a patient of the practice for 15 years or more and am so grateful for the care I’ve received especially really prompt appointments when I’ve broken a tooth or had toothache. I feel really relaxed knowing I’ll be leaving pain free. My check ups are thorough, I receive the best dental advise at each check up and never feel rushed to get off the chair.
Patricia Logan

We try to set realistic expectations and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them.

I’ve been attending RDC for 30 + years. After an accident I had some years ago I needed a considerate amount of work done. I cannot emphasise enough the care and attention I received from both front of house staff (Joanne and Co) and Aisling Tohill my dentist. It is no longer a daunting experience attending the dentist thanks to their work. Cheers.
Stanley Huthinson