Originally founded in 1970, this clinic has been serving the local community for 40 years. We are pleased to provide our service in a new multi-disciplinary setting in conjunction with the local doctors and pharmacist under one roof in a convenient location with ample free parking.

Glenn, Aisling & Nicola are the principal dentists and are proud of the family ethos of the practice with an emphasis on providing a high quality service for all patients in modern, comfortable surroundings.

We would like to thank our loyal generations of families who receive care from the practice for their continued support and kind referrals.

Nicola Kielt

Nicola Kielt BDS MJDF (UK) GDC 83594

Nicola graduated from Queens University Belfast with distinction in 2004 and completed a two year general professional training scheme which gained her valuable experience in surgical dentistry and treating children. Nicola thoroughly enjoys her work and her enthusiasm for dentistry is evident in her dedication to completing demanding courses in an attempt to further her skills and knowledge for the benefit of her patients. She has completed the highly acclaimed Advanced Restorative Dentistry course at the Eastman Dental Institute London in 2009, was awarded MJDF in 2010 and enjoyed a year long course with Tidu Mankoo in 2014/15. Tidu Mankoo has built a reputation as one of the finest clinicians in Europe and a world expert in Aesthetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry and this has helped Nicola hone her skills in her area of special interest, cosmetic dentistry. She was successfully elected as a member of the Northern Ireland Dental Practice Committee in 2012 and chaired the Local Dental Committee for three years in the Northern board. In 2016 Nicola gained expertise in the field of cosmetic injectables (wrinkle reduction and fillers) by attending numerous course in London and Belfast and has been enjoying this dimension of her work as well. Nicola is married with two children.

Glenn Robb

Glenn Robb BDS (UK) GDC 70356

Glenn graduated from Queens University Belfast in 1994. He has worked in General practice for 23 years and has gained valuable clinical experience and knowledge in practice both in Northern Ireland and abroad. He is fully committed to General practice and his drive for excellence is reflected in the endless courses and seminars he attends.

His passion for dentistry is infectious and has helped raise the overall quality of care our dental team provides. Special interests include Endodontic treatments and Advanced Restorative procedures. Glenns other passion is golf. He has great enthusiasm for the game but sources say he should remain committed to the day job!

Aisling Tohill

Aisling Tohill BDentSc (TCD) MFGDP (UK) GDC 77957

Aisling graduated from Trinity Dublin in 2000 and has worked at Randalstown Dental Clinic since. She is a member of the faculty of General Dental Practitioners and has a special interest in the area of facial pain caused by occlusal or bite problems. Aisling thoroughly enjoys her work and derives great satisfaction on meeting and exceeding patient expectation on quality of service, with a focus on preventitive dentistry.

In 2012 she completed the Synergy training program in Implant Restoration and restores many cases involving crowns and bridges. In 2014/15 she also attended the highly acclaimed Tidu Mankoo course to further her skills in cosmetic dentistry and to improve her implant knowledge. In 2016 she completed the Applied Occlusal studies course run by BSOS and can assess whether facial and neck pain is caused by a patient’s bite. This is common and often misdiagnosed.

She is married with 4 children and enjoys swimming and running.

Catherine Robb

Catherine Robb B.Ch.D (UK) GDC 76014

Catherine Robb qualified from the University of Leeds in 1999 with B.Ch.D. She returned to Northern Ireland to gain experience in a number of practices before coming to RDC in 2001.

Catherine is proud of the relationships she has built up with her patients over the years. She enjoys meeting people of all ages and from all walks of life, and takes great pleasure in helping her patients overcome their dental fears and boost their self confidence by transforming their smiles.

As a dentist, Catherine has a good understanding of facial anatomy, muscles and nerves so further career development into non-surgical facial treatments was a natural progression for her. Currently, she provides wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers for deeper lines, lip and cheek enhancements. The results are really excellent, and clients are delighted with their treatments.

When she isn’t working, Catherine keeps busy with her 3 children. She enjoys travelling, catching up with friends and reading. She loves cooking, baking and eating good food, but manages to keep in shape with running, visits to the gym and Pilates.

Jennifer McKee

Jennifer McKee (GDC 6046)

Jenny qualified in Queens University School of hygiene in 2002.  She has been working in our practice for 10 years.    Jenny plays a vital role in ensuring dental health care for our patients in the practice by educating them in preventative dental health and she helps treat gum disease.  She shows our patients the correct home care and ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy.   Jenny has built a strong rapport with our patients, especially those she sees every three months.  Our patients trust her advise and feel their gums are much improved after seeing Jenny for a course of treatment.  She makes every effort to make the patient comfortable during an appointment and patients return because she is gentle but effective.  Her diary books up very fast!


Joanne has been a member of our team for almost 10 years and is invaluable to the practice. Her welcoming smile and infectious laugh make her very popular with patients and staff. She is highly trained and familiar with all aspects of dental treatment and can answer many of your dental enquiries and concerns. Joanne has passion for her job and aims to please the customer always. She will welcome you warmly and ensure any of your anxieties are put at ease. Joanne worked very closely with Ena until she retired in 2016. Her positive attitude meant that she embraced the challenge of being the most senior member of reception with vigour and confidence.

Our nursing team

Ann Doherty (GDC 118345)

With over 29 years experience as a dental nurse, Ann has been Head nurse in Randalstown Dental Clinic for 25 years. She gained her NEBDN qualification in 1997. She has worked with Catherine and Glenn Robb for 15 years and the rest of the team joke that Ann and Glenn are like an old married couple!

Ann adds that special quality to every day at RDC- AN ELEMENT OF FUN. Loved by patients and staff alike Ann manages to combine her cheerful attitude with a serious commitment to her work. She leads by example, completes every task dutifully and has been steadfast in her loyalty to the whole team at Randalstown dental Clinic. She puts the need of you, the patient at the centre of everything she does. We are very lucky to have her as a long standing member of RDC.

Duana Prior (GDC 215893)

Duana is one of the most competent nurses to ever work in randalstown dental Clinic over the last 40 years. She gained her NEBDN qualification in 20xx and has been with the practice since 20xx. She is wonderfully pleasant, efficient and hard working. A dream for any employer!

She can transfer her skills to work in the high pressures of reception with ease and her ability to prioritise tasks, gently guide others and promote an aura of calm cements her status as a vital member of our team. She has extensive dental knowledge and is very particular about cross infection practices. The special bond between Nicola and Duana is evident to all patients who visit surgery 2 in RDC.

Michelle Mc Erlean (GDC 249025)

Michelle has been working in RDC since 2006). She gained her qualification in 2007.

Michelle is a very hard worker and gives her 100% of her effort every day. She works at great speed and intensity and is a perfectionist. Michelle has the ability to get a task completed before you realise she has even started and this means that she has well earned her lunch break!

Michelle works part time and spends time in both reception and surgery. She can recall each separate dentists preferences in terms of materials they use precisely and therefore is a very useful member of the team in terms of her flexibility and attention to detail

Michelle is married with two lovey boys and another child on the way.

Suzanne Gaston (GDC 126644)

Suzanne is one of our most qualified nurses and has been working with us since 2012.  She gained her NEBDN qualification in 1992, her Oral sedation qualification in 2007 Oral Health qualification in 2007 and Radiology in 2009.

Suzanne works along with Aisling in surgery 4 and Suzanne is so in tune with Aislings style of work that she often knows what Aisling requires before Aisling knows herself.   This is a sign of a great nurse!

She is as in tune with the patients as she is the dentist she works alongside.  She has the ability to pick up subtle non-verbal cues indicating anxiety in a patient and provides words of reassurance and support.  Her warm caring nature combined with her efficiency and work ethic make her an extremely strong asset to the team- a vital member we would struggle without.

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